Twists and Twistouts

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Twists and Twistouts

natural hair twists and  twistout

Also known as ‘two-strand twists or ‘double-strand twists’.

Items needed: Hair products (see below), a comb to make parts (optional), a dryer (optional).


Step 1: Wash/condition hair (blow dry to show more length.) and towel dry.

Step 2: Add a moisturizer all over your hair.

Step 3: Take one section of hair, you can either part it with a comb or just section it out with your fingers (which is what I do). Smaller twists = tighter waves and will last longer. Larger twists = loose wavy hair.

Step 4: Coat with a dab of your product. (I usually don’t use anything, but if I did I would use Aloe Vera Gel or Elasta QP Mango Butter or ORS Loc & Twist Gel).

Step 5: Split this one section of hair into 2 sections. To avoid puffy roots, keep your fingers close to your scalp and twist straight down, not out. Twist the two sections around each other clockwise. This is sort of like braiding, except there are only 2 strands opposed to three strands. Keep doing this until you get near the end…

Step 6: Leave about 1/4 inch at the ends and twirl each end with your index finger to make the ends curly and to make them stay together (or use perm rods on the ends only). Do steps 5 & 6 to the entire head. If you have longer, thick hair, try fingerparting your hair into 4 sections. Separate the three sections into ponytails and work with one section at a time. Also keep a spray bottle near you in case your hair starts to get dry.


A twistout is a hairstyle where you unravel the twists and wear your hair as is. It will have a looser wave to the hair. You will need to do nothing further unless you plan to put into a puff, updo or place a scarf around the edges. Length is not an issue. If you can twist your hair, you can wear a twistout.

• If you plan on wearing a twistout, make sure you part the hair and twist in the direction you want you hair to go. (Example: make your center or side part before twisting and twist in that direction).

• I find that I have the best twistouts when I detangle my hair and smooth the hair down as I twist.

• At night I put my hair in about 4-8 large twists, sleep with a stocking cap and unravel in the morning.

• My twistouts last longer when I twist with wet hair.

• To get rid of the parts in your scalp, gently massage your scalp with your fingertips.

• You can also create various looks of a twistout with different sized twists.

• Very small twists will give you a crimped look.

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