Winter Hair Tips

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Winter Hair Tips

Winter Hair Care for Natural Hair

During the winter months, natural hair care requires some change. As always, you must be gentle to keep it from harm. For some, this will require a little extra care. It also requires a little extra attention to the elements of the weather that can harm your hair.


Blowing Wind

Strong winds can tangle our hair and can make it really dry and lose moisture. This adds stress to the hair, especially during comb-outs and detangling.

Scarves & Hats

Some women use a scarves in the winter, but that can cause some extra problems for the ends of their hair. Fabric like wool can cause you hair to snag and break off. Try wearing a stocking cap or a slik scarf over your hair first then wearing a hat.

Hair being caught in coats

You don’t mean to do it. You put on your coat and your hair gets caught under your coat possibly tugging and snapping some strands – which cause breakage. Try to be more aware of your ends during this time of year.

Heat from buildings

Once the cold of winter sets we start to heat the indoors with the furnace, which can also be harmful to your hair and skin. On the skin it’s fine, but it can remove moisture in the air. Check your hair for dryness. You can usually feel your hair and can tell if it’s dryer than usual. To combat this, read “Solutions” below.


Purchase a humidifier

Another way of putting moisture back into your hair is to rehydrate the air in your home. A humidifier may help prevent static and puts moisture back into the air. Humidifiers come in many different sizes and prices. An alternative to using a humidifier is to set a pot of water on your stove or in front of heat vents to let the water steam into the air. You can even add a few drops of an essential oil or potpourri as well.

Increase deep conditioning/hot oil treatments

Deep conditioner can help heal damaged hair and protect it. They also coat the strands and fill in the hair cuticle, thus making the hair stronger.

Oil/Moisturize your ends

You may want to try mixing your own concoction mixed with carrier oils (olive oil, castor oil etc.) and essential oils (peppermint oil, sage oil etc.) together.

Protect your hair

This is an excellent way to protect your hair from the cold harsh air. Try braids, cornrows, updos, weaves, wigs or covering the hair with scarves or hoods.


Protecting your ends is ideal during the winter months. Hairstyles for this includes updos, cornrows and twists. It has the positive side effect of being a wearable protective hair style. With twists, it’s like a style within a style. If you have longer hair, try wearing your twists in updos, bobs, buns, ponytails, etc. For all lengths, try the following:

  • Twist-outs and braid-outs
  • Pressed hairstyles
  • Rollerset and strawsets
  • Headwraps (go to a fabric store instead of buying expensive scarves)

Recommend Hair Products for Winter:

  • Elasta QP deep penetrating conditioner (mixed with olive oil)
  • Also, try to keep hair from drying out, try shampooing less often with the “No Shampoo Method“.

Stay Warm!!! :)


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